Brent gave me the best haircut and color I have ever had. He somehow left me feeling more "myself" than I have felt for a long time and the cut/color lasted and grew out just beautifully, too. As if that wasn't enough, his passion, enthusiasm and genuine caring are as obvious as his talent as an artist. Brent truly raises the bar for what a stylist should be. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

- Meri Guffey

Thanks to Mr. Hardgrave, and all his experience with the hair industry, I've perfected the perfect pony tail that has helped me reach a better ranking on the Women's Professional Tennis Tour! There have also been many a time where I'll purposely change my flight to make sure I don't miss my appointment with him! There's no one better! Trust me!

- Irina Falconi

Brent is one of the best in the field. Period.

- Sandra Hurd

Brent is a passionate about hair. Need someone that will consult with you and help you get that new look Brent can help.

- Jo Ann Taylor

Three words: total rock star!

- Jeanne Johnson

Brent is incredibly talented. He does an amazing job with color, cut & taking care of his clients. I trust him and highly recommend him.

- Sandra Hurd

I have been seeing Brent for years and he is an ABSOLUTE GENIUS when it comes to coloring and cut. I couldn't recommend him more highly.

- Ashley Smith

Brent is exceptional. There are few people who can keep up with the level of performance.

- Mason Hollandbeck

Brent has a unique ability to communicate complex ideas with ease.

- Kim Lee

Brent Hardgrave has the sensitivity and compassion that it takes to lead our profession in a new and inspired direction. A must have guy!

- Ashlee Barazzone

An artist with true dedication to the industry, a master in his craft!

- Abraham Sprinkle

Brent is one of the most kind and talented people I know. Every time I've sat down for a session with him he has always had a great vision yet has also been open minded to what I am looking for in a haircut/style. I honestly couldn't recommend him more highly.

- Andy Albert